Student Leadership

The Graduate Programs Student Leadership Council aims to strengthen the graduate student community by fostering better communication between faculty, administration, and students, enriching learning through extracurricular activities, and creating networking opportunities for students and alumni.

Working closely with faculty, the Council addresses issues proactively and promotes a positive environment. The Council organizes social activities to encourage student participation and camaraderie, largely funded by the Council itself. In alignment with the University of Richmond's ethos, they contribute to community improvement through initiatives like food drives, volunteering at "Angel Tree" distribution centers, supporting events such as the Monument 10k, and engaging with Junior Achievement's JA Finance Park.

The Council believes that joining offers students both professional and social growth opportunities, while also enhancing their educational experience through direct communication with faculty leaders.

If you're interested in joining, have questions, ideas, or concerns, or would like more information, please call (804) 289-8553. You can also review the bylaws here.

2023-24 Council Officers

Mize Caleb Mize, President, 

Franklin Markley, Vice President, 


Zach Eisenman, Marketing & Events Chair,


Jasleen Singh, Women's Chair,