Student Leadership

The MBA Student Leadership Council’s mission is to increase communication between faculty and students, enhance the learning experience through after-class activities, and provide networking opportunities for MBA students and alumni.

The Council works with faculty to communicate and resolve issues and to promote the positive. They also work closely with faculty leadership to proactively resolve potential dilemmas. They encourage student participation and camaraderie through social activities coordinated and mostly funded by the MBA Leadership Council. Like the University of Richmond, the council is dedicated to improving the community in which we live. They have arranged food drives, volunteered to work in the distribution center for “Angel Tree,” manned water stops at the Monument 10k, and participated in Junior Achievement's JA Finance Park.

The council believes that the MBA Student Leadership Council not only offers students a chance to grow professionally and socially but that it is a tool by which the educational experience is enhanced through close communication with faculty leaders. If you are interested in joining the MBA Student Leadership Council, have a question, idea, concern, or just want more information, please contact us at (804) 289-8553. Review the bylaws here.

2023-24 Council Officers

Mize Caleb Mize, President, 

Franklin Markley, Vice President, 


Zach Eisenman, Marketing & Events Chair,


Jasleen Singh, Women's Chair,