Graduation Path & Course Scheduling Plans

The Richmond MBA has adopted a fixed course calendar and publishes a 3-semester look-ahead schedule. The Richmond MBA has adopted a lockstep calendar to ensure that the cohort experience that starts with Opening Residency continues throughout the program.

Please contact Amy McCracken, associate dean, at, if you have questions about the course schedule or need assistance planning your path toward graduation.

Students follow the course schedule below, which offers flexibility to choose your elective courses.

Fall 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Accounting (3) Marketing (3) Elective 1 (2)
Economics (3) Finance (3) Elective 2 (2)
Opening Residency (2) Stats (2) International Residency (3)

Fall 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

Strategic Management (3) Operations (3) Elective 3 (2)
Analytics & Information (3) OB/Comm (4) Elective 4 (2)
Ethics (2) Capstone 1(1) Capstone 2 & 3 (2)

Numbers in parentheses represent credit hours.

Flex-3 Option

We are pleased to announce a new option available to Richmond MBA students who have completed the entire first year of the curriculum. Students can now choose to complete the program in two years or three with the new Flex-3 option. Flex-3 can be declared after completing the entire first year (including International Residency) in the first half of the first summer.

The current lock-step curriculum/schedule requires the completion of the program in a 24-month period. For some, this has proved to be challenging based on work and/or family demands. Our goal is to help more students earn an MBA on a timeline that works for you.

For more information on Flex-3, please reach out to Jessie Bailey at


GradTracker allows students to view program requirements, review completed course history, check progress toward graduation, and plan future courses. You can access GradTracker through BannerWeb. For more information, see