Professional Development Leadership Series

Four Saturday events focused on Careers, Professionalism, Self Awareness, Leadership, and Community Impact are offered for our MBA students. The programs are spread over two years and include: 

Leadership Development (Fall)

  • Learn the fundamental principles of effective leadership
  • Understand ways leaders engage with people and encourage a culture for all to thrive 
  • Hone the skills drive strategy, have impact, and deliver results

Community Impact (Spring)

  • Learn from local experts regarding RVA’s regional challenges
  • Understand and address a social and ethical issue of the day
  • Identify opportunities to impact the world in a positive way

Career Management (Fall)

  • Gain verbal, interpersonal, and online business communications
  • Understand the importance of relationships and a professional network
  • Develop proficienty in personal brand and reputation building  

EQ, Professionalism, & Etiquette (Spring)

  • Gain insight into self and others through understanding and your EQ
  • Hone executive presence and the ability to influence and inspire others
  • Build upon networking and business dining etiquette skills