Student Experience

A major strength of The Richmond MBA is the student body.

Our students come from the best undergraduate institutions, including Emory, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Cornell, University of North Carolina, and the University of Virginia. Many of the students hold managerial positions with leading firms across central Virginia, including Capital One, Dominion Resources, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Genworth Financial, DuPont, and WestRock.

Students enjoy not only an engaging classroom experience but also opportunities for networking and professional development, allowing students to form relationships with their peers and area business leaders that extend far beyond the business school's walls. The Richmond MBA is committed to providing a robust experience for each student that allows personal and professional development in the form of required or elective courses and weekly and monthly programs.

The Richmond MBA Oath

"We, as graduates of the University of Richmond’s Masters of Business Administration program, commit to uphold ourselves as representatives of the education, experience, and relationships we have encountered during our education.

Furthermore, we pledge to uphold the following values, both professionally and personally, from this day forward:

Humility – demonstrating an open willingness to seek answers outside ourselves and expressing the curiosity to continue learning,

Integrity - understanding the full impact of business decisions beyond short-term financial results,

Collaboration - recognizing the value of working together to achieve a goal and acting accordingly, and

Courage - accepting personal opportunity costs in pursuit of the greater good.

May these values be evident in our class and in those that follow."