JD/MBA Applicants

Students in the JD/MBA program complete one year of law school classes before beginning the MBA program. Applicants for the JD/MBA program are required to meet the admission standards of both the Richard S. Reynolds Graduate School of Business and the University of Richmond School of Law. The two-year work experience requirement is waived for JD/MBA students. JD students interested in the dual-degree program should schedule an appointment with the MBA office during their first semester in law school.

In any semester (fall or spring) in which the student is enrolled in more than 17 credits, a student in the JD/MBA program will be assessed, according to the tuition rates for that academic year, the (1) Law School’s standard tuition for 9 to 17 credits plus (2) a per-credit tuition charge for the additional credits. This tuition payment will cover all courses taken, regardless of whether the course is in the Law School or Business School.

Tuition for all summer school credits is assessed at the Law School rate for the academic year beginning in the prior fall semester, irrespective of whether the courses are taken in the Law School or the Business School.

Specific tuition rates for JD/MBA students taking summer courses or credit hours in excess of 17 can be found on the Controller’s website. Note that the “summer rates” apply to fall/spring when credit hours exceed 17.

Applications must be made separately to the Richard S. Reynolds Graduate School of Business and the School of Law. Application information for the School of Law may be found here.