Capstone Project

One of the guiding principles of the Robins School is for students to become valuable resources and active participants in our community. The Capstone Project provides that opportunity. The Capstone Project is intended to be the final piece of our MBA students' graduate studies with the objective to integrate concepts learned throughout The Richmond MBA program to address a strategic challenge facing a host organization. 

The Capstone usually focuses on three basic types of projects that maximize returns and lead to the most innovative solutions: (1) Market Entry/Expansion Strategy, (2) Strategic Decision Analysis, and (3) Process Improvement Recommendations.

To qualify as a Capstone Project, the issue being addressed must be closely tied to the strategic direction of the organization (or a major division or department). In developing recommendations for how the organization might resolve the issue, students are expected to synthesize business concepts learned in the program and demonstrate their real-world business applications.

Through rigorous research and analysis, students (in pairs) develop and present customized, solutions-based recommendations for the organization. The core deliverable is a major report in good scholarly form with sound technical analysis, references, and bibliography.

Over 500 organizations worldwide, from corporate headquarters to local franchisees, have taken advantage of the Capstone Project to increase revenues, implement projects, and recruit highly qualified talent.

The Capstone Project

  • High-level, pro-bono, confidential student consulting project that addresses a strategic question facing the organization
  • Involves multiple business disciplines (, marketing, operations, and supply chain)
  • Results in analysis, recommendations, and an implementation plan
  • Allows student to demonstrate the integration of MBA program concepts

How it Works

  • Client-proposed strategic question central to the direction of the organization, division, or department
  • Client provides relevant internal data
  • Student researches, summarizes, and analyzes findings and alternatives leading to relevant recommendations
  • Biweekly updates, midpoint and final presentations
  • Project guidance provided by MBA administration and faculty advisor

Capstone Application

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