Class Profile

The Richmond MBA brings together students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds together to learn and grow in both their academic and professional careers. Each year, The Richmond MBA admits 20-25 of the top MBA candidates in the region to start the cohort-based program in the fall.

Below is an overview of the Richmond MBA class as seen over the past six years.

  • Current Student Body: Male 62%, Female 38%
  • Average GPA: 3.25
  • Work Experience: 7 years prior to enrollment
  • Academic Background: business, engineering, liberal arts, social sciences
  • Professional Background: banking/finance, education, consulting, marketing, information technology, manufacturing, management, medical/pharmaceutical sales

Where Students and Alumni Work

 Amazon    Luck Stone  Altria

 Capital One CarmaxOwens and Minor

  Hourigan   UHG   Truist

VCU   Fed   Kraft