MBA Career Services

The Richmond MBA offers individualized career coaching for graduate students through the University of Richmond Career Services office. Career Services representatives Becca Shelton and Keith Webb are available for in-person, phone, or Skype appointments for all current MBA students and alumni. Appointments are best made via the SpiderConnect system instead of direct email.

Topics you may consider discussing include:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Review
  • LinkedIn Profile Review/Utilization
  • Job Search
  • Networking
  • Interview Preparation
    • Mock Interview
    • Informational Interview
    • Behavioral Interview
    • Case Interview
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Career Transitioning

SpiderConnect is the University of Richmond's online database that allows students and alumni to search opportunities posted by recruiting organizations and connect with programs and events offered by the Career Services office. Programs and services include career advising, expos, on-campus recruiting, resume writing workshops, shadowing opportunities, and others.

Career Coaching

Developing Your Career – from Opening Residency to Graduation and Beyond

Exploring Your Career Options

Beyond the personal satisfaction of attaining your MBA, this moment in your career and professional development offers a unique opportunity to align your passions and unique skills with your work. Making informed career decisions is a critical part of your personal and professional development. The Richmond MBA offers a range of resources and events to support your career exploration. Whether you are seeking your first job, making a transition to a new career, pursuing advancement in your current field, or launching a new business, we can support your decision making. Take advantage of career consulting, career self-assessment tools, networking events, guest speakers, industry events, and alumni and corporate connections to determine the next steps in your career.

Prepare for the Market

Once you identify your career focus, we will work with you to support your market readiness. The ability to tell your story and promote what you can offer to an organization is critical to career advancement. Since your story will initially be told through your LinkedIn profile and resume, we can assist you to effectively communicate your experience and aspirations. You’ll also need to effectively introduce yourself to new contacts when networking, exploring, and interviewing. Your communication strategy is critical to the job search process and we will help you think through your professional presence and brand. Finally, your story plays out in your e-communications and cover letters that support your job search and networking outreach. Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for the market on all these fronts, in order to open as many doors as you can to explore your career options.

Networking Opportunities

Many jobs never reach an online job posting site, and are instead filled through referrals from current employees. Effectively networking within your target industries and organizations will be essential for your job prospects. Many industries increasingly rely on networks to identify new talent for their organizations. They expect potential candidates to be proactive in reaching out to industry and company contacts even before being offered an invitation to interview. The Richmond MBA will provide workshops and events that facilitate the opportunity to build and leverage your professional network.

Career Development & Coaching

Career advising is available throughout the year with Debbie Fisher, associate director for The Richmond MBA, and Moira Lethbridge, the MBA Executive in Residence. They support your Career Leader self-assessment and career exploration offering insights for your career decisions and job search strategy, then work with you on developing and executing a plan.