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Dear MBA Community,

I am not sure there has been a time in recent history where sound and effective leadership has been more needed than today. It is time for real leaders to step up in all aspects of society including government, higher education, and business. We must also distinguish between those who seek leadership roles to advance their personal agendas from those who seek to advance the broader world in some way large or small. Many have tried to define leadership with most either being a bit narrow or vague for my taste. I recently came across the following definition which seemed useful to me: 

“Leadership captures the essentials of being able and prepared to inspire others. Effective leadership is based on ideas – both original and borrowed – that are effectively communicated to others in a way that engages them enough to act.” – Susan Ward, author, The Balance Small Business

In our graduate and executive education programs, we seek to develop the next generation of leaders for the Richmond business community and beyond. This is no small task. Effective leadership goes well beyond the position power implied in a certain title. It requires both a level of technical competence (you cannot lead what you do not understand), and a vision of the future that inspires those around you to go the extra mile to achieve that vision. A clear moral compass is also a core competency of a leader who seeks to make a lasting impact on the world around them. 

This month our newsletter article focuses on the career and worldview of Monique Johnson, Ph.D., GB’02, a Robins School Executive in Residence and COO of the Better Housing Coalition. Thank you, Monique, for sharing your insights with us!

Rich Boulger
Associate Dean
Graduate & Executive Education


Featured Story

April 19, 2021
Exemplary Leadership: Monique Johnson, Ph.D., GB'02, Executive in Residence
Over the course of her career, Monique Johnson, Ph.D., GB’02, has served as a social enterprise leader, a community and economic development practitioner, and an advocate for next-generation leaders. We asked her to reflect on her years in leadership for this month’s newsletter.

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